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Marvel Entertainment

Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world's most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing.



  1. Némesis 2.0

    Némesis 2.0

    10 órája


  2. sobia sharif

    sobia sharif

    10 órája


  3. sobia sharif

    sobia sharif

    10 órája


  4. sobia sharif

    sobia sharif

    10 órája


  5. Madcap Magician

    Madcap Magician

    10 órája

    What if......We race and gender swap everyone and everything and see how many franchises we can tank in one go! Good job.

  6. Eliz Sabu

    Eliz Sabu

    10 órája

    Yes, you can't live without Loki's wit and charm Love Loki ❤️😂

  7. Legend_284


    10 órája

    Mobius looks more like a Variant hunter in this outfit

  8. Enes Ozevliya

    Enes Ozevliya

    10 órája

    I LOVE YOU 3000

  9. Mister Miracle Helya

    Mister Miracle Helya

    10 órája


  10. Think Science 7

    Think Science 7

    10 órája

    This dude can be hero and villain at the same time

  11. Think Science 7

    Think Science 7

    10 órája

    You can’t trust Loki 😂

  12. mohd syah

    mohd syah

    10 órája

    Bye see you all in hell

  13. Appz Villa

    Appz Villa

    10 órája

    i hope in the theaters too

  14. Felipe Sene Januário e Alvarenga Mota

    Felipe Sene Januário e Alvarenga Mota

    11 órája

    I love that Scarlett turned this into a *try not to laugh challenge*

  15. Bro Learns

    Bro Learns

    11 órája

    We want tamil dubbed Loki series

  16. PromistNG


    11 órája

    Everyone : Oh new marvel trailer Me : **FALLOUT 4 FLASHBACKS**

  17. sg4hire


    11 órája

    "Whose going to lead the avengers"? Ikaris: *has Red Wedding flashbacks*

  18. Phoenix Om3ga

    Phoenix Om3ga

    11 órája

    It's been 84 years... Since nick fury was white

  19. mostafa amin

    mostafa amin

    11 órája


  20. Yomi_Themadfox x

    Yomi_Themadfox x

    11 órája

    Why does Batista look like the beardless Kratos Character Model that got leaked a while back ?

  21. GMo Kang-Suh

    GMo Kang-Suh

    11 órája

    That “that’s the last time I touch you” bit was great, wish it stayed in the cut

  22. josiah 04

    josiah 04

    11 órája

    I've already booked my ticket, Uk we have a July 7th release

  23. Noah Verhoff

    Noah Verhoff

    11 órája

    I would give anything to experience this in theaters for the first time again.

  24. layla :

    layla :

    11 órája

    i wanna watch this in the cinema

  25. Tushar Bajpai

    Tushar Bajpai

    12 órája

    Please sir bring our cool fighting hulk

  26. ꧁Wonder Gaming꧂

    ꧁Wonder Gaming꧂

    12 órája

    Everything ok but when will we get Owen Wilson say WOW in this series??

  27. surya sammyuel geovan pola

    surya sammyuel geovan pola

    12 órája

    the only thing i will not worry about in this movie is that vat wouldn't die

  28. gox Lau

    gox Lau

    12 órája

    Scarlett get the jokes after everyone else....

  29. Puroo Roy

    Puroo Roy

    12 órája

    I came to watch this AFTER having read the graphic novel.

  30. Christian Paul Arellano

    Christian Paul Arellano

    12 órája

    Die laughing here Oh come'on scarlet, just laugh it out😂😂😂😂

  31. Nautical Soap

    Nautical Soap

    12 órája

    Owen wilson in the MCU was definitely something none of us expected but we all needed

  32. player309


    12 órája

    Don’t mind me just giving my respect to a legend, we’ll miss you Stan all of us.

  33. Jonathan Chunglo

    Jonathan Chunglo

    12 órája

    I'm not going to drop a dislike on this... LOL BUT THOSE WERE SOOOOOO BAD. Like there is Bad Funny and there is Bad "Ummm...." Those were bad "Ummmm" but obviously I'm leaving a comment so ya for HUbuild algorithms to make the next poor soul suffer as much as I just did. LOL

  34. aydenisawesome


    12 órája

    You better be coming out this time!

  35. Alindo Al Qavi

    Alindo Al Qavi

    12 órája

    Loki is the one man you cant think about without tom😂😂

  36. S Khan

    S Khan

    12 órája

    This looks so much like a trailer for the next civilization game.

  37. Aman Teotia

    Aman Teotia

    12 órája

    2 years since this movie came out and yet we still search youtube for this trailer, to remember the hype this movie had created after infinity war

  38. The Content Marketing Guy

    The Content Marketing Guy

    12 órája

    wish i could go back and experience this movie for the first time again

  39. Krooling


    12 órája

    10/10 Editing

  40. TheZivin


    13 órája

    Underrated trio

  41. Marcin K.

    Marcin K.

    13 órája

    Pugh looks cool as a new Wido :)

  42. vishnu h

    vishnu h

    13 órája

    They also relaunch the app in android

  43. Loh Hao

    Loh Hao

    13 órája

    The whole point of this movie: Awkwafina....

  44. Cho Koon

    Cho Koon

    13 órája

    this looks amazing and horrible at the same time.

  45. Jarvis


    13 órája

    This would have broke Endgame only if they included Zemo's Dance

  46. Ishani Das

    Ishani Das

    13 órája

    Overgrown kid who pretends to be other people for a living.... haha this line got me! Tom is so adorable❤

  47. Svath Etoma

    Svath Etoma

    13 órája

    I like dad joke

  48. Mithesh Shetty

    Mithesh Shetty

    13 órája

    What have you done!!!

  49. Crash Gaming

    Crash Gaming

    14 órája

    06.22.2021 And I'm still here watching this trailer....

  50. Antonella Piazzolla

    Antonella Piazzolla

    14 órája

    Tom: I'm not a God Us: ARE YOU SURE???

  51. Alex Kourtidi

    Alex Kourtidi

    14 órája

    this made me snort

  52. LP Gaming

    LP Gaming

    14 órája

    Bro I can’t wait for this to be out

  53. Ravi Kumar

    Ravi Kumar

    14 órája

    For starters, loki and tom have the exact same face.

  54. Real Biriyani

    Real Biriyani

    14 órája

    We want tamil dubbing pls



    14 órája

    The 2 costume

  56. Madesh Madesh

    Madesh Madesh

    14 órája

    Spider-Man no way home trailer please no way home trailer

  57. Rangga Putra

    Rangga Putra

    14 órája

    Xixixii bapack 1 ini

  58. Sammy Wolf

    Sammy Wolf

    14 órája


  59. AEONGamingYT


    15 órája


  60. Prashant Arya

    Prashant Arya

    15 órája

    Ultraman dekh ke kis kis ko ben 10 ki yad aai h

  61. RiidDisBuk


    15 órája

    Now imagine manipulating reality with that thing.

  62. dgarrard100


    15 órája

    Sooooooooo, Thanos? That whole wiping-out-half-of-all-life-in-the-universe thing? That wasn't worth interfering? Man, these Eternals take the Prime Directive seriously.

    • Roberto Castillo

      Roberto Castillo

      11 órája

      Loki kinda implies why they can't, the TVA won't allow them.

  63. Rhiu


    15 órája

    I think that the time keeper's are trying to secure a timeline in which the multiversal war occur which they call as sacred timeline and TVA thinks that they are avoiding the war but instead they are just helping time keeper's by keeping the sacred timeline intact. And I also think that in Dr. Strange Multiverse of madness we will see this multiversal war

  64. Mark Frellips

    Mark Frellips

    15 órája

    ... that darn smile

  65. Sam 0304

    Sam 0304

    15 órája

    With all this new marvel games that have been comings out lately, the rumors of Netherrealm developing a Marvel video game are way more likely to be true. IMAGINE A MARVEL FIGHTING GAME INJUSTICE STYLE

  66. Prateek gupta

    Prateek gupta

    15 órája

    😂😂😂who wrote that 😂😂😂



    15 órája


  68. Kirpesh Chess 2008

    Kirpesh Chess 2008

    15 órája

    Waiting for tamil dubbing

  69. Niyati Shah

    Niyati Shah

    15 órája

    "Prospero would have fun with Loki" that's a fanfic begging to be written

  70. Muhamad Faizry

    Muhamad Faizry

    15 órája

    Perempuan yg Jadi Supir Bus di Akhir Suara nya Mirip Naga di Raya And The Last Dragon.. Dia kah yg Dubbing?



    15 órája


  72. Anthony Peterson

    Anthony Peterson

    15 órája

    I loved when Thanos comes out the portal he looks so dominant

  73. Hany Ahmadi

    Hany Ahmadi

    15 órája

    Hydra Loki attacking the world Ultron Dormamo eating the earth Thanos destroying the world Wanda creating nexus events TVA events... Eternals to one another during brunch: the word you were looking for is "anyway"....

  74. MARIMO


    15 órája

    if Robert is a perfect choice for iron man, tom is a perfect choice for Loki too.

  75. satyanarayana 1524

    satyanarayana 1524

    15 órája


  76. satyanarayana 1524

    satyanarayana 1524

    15 órája

    ᴇɴᴅɢᴀᴍᴇ ᴄʀᴏꜱꜱᴇᴅ ᴀᴠᴀᴛᴀʀ ɪɴ 2 ᴡᴇᴇᴋꜱ

  77. Shalini Chatterjee

    Shalini Chatterjee

    16 órája

    Release this please 🙂

  78. Muhammad Shah Meer Tariq

    Muhammad Shah Meer Tariq

    16 órája

    This trailer has more views than The Avengers Endgame trailer