Chance | Marvel Studios' Loki | Disney+

Chaos is on your side. Marvel Studios' "Loki" starts streaming June 9 with new episodes every Wednesday on Disney.

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  1. Lauren Pelto

    Lauren Pelto

    6 napja

    When he said, *work?* I felt that

  2. Wes Johnson

    Wes Johnson

    8 napja

    Jesus loves you 🍒😁🏐

  3. Jeremy Cruz

    Jeremy Cruz

    10 napja

    You guys should do a capt. America series to show what happened to capt. When he was returning the stones😆😁

  4. Lingesh ds7

    Lingesh ds7

    11 napja

    Tamil dubbing waiting

  5. Suriya.j IX a2 【3321】

    Suriya.j IX a2 【3321】

    11 napja

    Please realise Loki in tamil 😭

  6. NISHAL-10th 'A'

    NISHAL-10th 'A'

    12 napja

    Release in tamil too....

  7. ashgray


    12 napja

    Anyone else getting 100% dc legends of tomorrow vibes lol

  8. Perumal Kumar

    Perumal Kumar

    12 napja

    We all went tamil dubbed loki episode

  9. FlyN Saucer

    FlyN Saucer

    13 napja

    Lame use of talented actor.

  10. CreatorsKart


    13 napja

    Low key low key

  11. Logeshkumar


    13 napja

    We want in tamil



    13 napja

    We need in tamil😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  13. Jethendran Kumar

    Jethendran Kumar

    13 napja

    We want tamil dubb

  14. Chris M

    Chris M

    13 napja

    Honestly can’t even say these are TV series all of these Marvel shows are like Mini Movies lol they are great

    • MetaBlade


      13 napja


  15. Inaren Commander

    Inaren Commander

    13 napja

    Star Lord: "What are we gonna do? Something good, something bad, little bit of both?" Loki: "Little bit of both."

  16. Srinivasan Sampath

    Srinivasan Sampath

    14 napja

    We need Loki in Tamil language. Please do dub and upload ASAP

  17. OMNI MAN


    14 napja


  18. Iko the Alien

    Iko the Alien

    14 napja

    I NEED to see Loki in a turtleneck!

  19. Monkey D. Luffy

    Monkey D. Luffy

    14 napja

    Loki will lay on the smackdown to John Walker.

  20. 이제훈


    14 napja

    우연히 지나가다 저의 댓글을 보셨을모든 분들 항상 행운이 깃든 날만 가득하길🥰 어떠한 일이든 잘 해내실거에요.

  21. KeLLy Khan

    KeLLy Khan

    14 napja

    At the end was that scorpion with Low key voice hahahahaha get them over here or GET OVERR HEREEE

  22. Nikhil Pawar

    Nikhil Pawar

    14 napja

    Where were they when thonos came to earth breaking timeline?

  23. Tiago Bruno Rezende de Castro

    Tiago Bruno Rezende de Castro

    14 napja

    We live in a timeline that Loki is the actor of himself.

  24. uma rajesh

    uma rajesh

    14 napja

    Yoko I love loki

  25. gurjinder hanjra

    gurjinder hanjra

    14 napja

    You dont care indian fans

    • i


      11 napja

      Just learn english

    • MetaBlade


      13 napja

      They do

  26. Ham Dinger

    Ham Dinger

    14 napja

    No Darcy

  27. AccordingToRico


    14 napja

    Ok, I might go to Hulu and get that Disney + deal just for this show.

  28. strongpowerthankyou


    14 napja


  29. Tom_Hiddlesimp


    14 napja

    I swear drunk Loki is a child 😂

  30. Gavin Barnes

    Gavin Barnes

    14 napja


  31. shinyasmoon


    15 napja

    loki stans we are about to FEAST

  32. Bar Gross

    Bar Gross

    15 napja

    Thought he was gonna say ugly

  33. dybenson


    15 napja

    Good. Bad. I'm the guy with the gun.

  34. Think Science 7

    Think Science 7

    15 napja

    Loki: "I know what I'm". Not who I'm.

  35. Hilly Holmes

    Hilly Holmes

    15 napja

    the part at 0:09 is the perfect example for british VS american english.

  36. Precious Fox

    Precious Fox

    15 napja

    I really hope they don't put this on premiere access, i feel like as long as they have been promoting this and building our anticipation that would be just cruel

  37. Revan Drag

    Revan Drag

    15 napja

    Loki: what could possibly go wrong You know guys this person actually just ran after started a literally big invasion, and somehow they still trust him?

  38. Bob LobLaw

    Bob LobLaw

    15 napja

    im calling it right now! loki helps captain america put back the infinity stones to restore the timeline.

  39. Neeraj Kumar

    Neeraj Kumar

    15 napja

    Hindi me nahi aayegi kya

  40. Liloki Ola95

    Liloki Ola95

    15 napja

    0:38 To już wiadomo, który Loki zrobił maskę XD

  41. Angiethetankengine 17

    Angiethetankengine 17

    15 napja

    That "bye" though 😭😭😭



    15 napja

    Loki is best villian with a little bit hero

  43. The Yorkshire Time Lord

    The Yorkshire Time Lord

    15 napja

    This looks like enormous fun.

  44. Arjun Thami

    Arjun Thami

    15 napja

    Haha...I am so eager to watch this movie.....ooooooooo

  45. # TooMuchScotty

    # TooMuchScotty

    15 napja

    I’m confused. I thought you changed it from the 9th to the 7th and it would air on a Tuesday but it’s actually a Wednesday. Time is messed up.

  46. Souvlakiguy9000


    15 napja

    When you couldn’t decide wether to buy a Netflix subscription or Disney Plus and chose Netflix... Clearly should’ve chosen both...

  47. tushar bobade

    tushar bobade

    15 napja


  48. CARZY


    15 napja

    Back to the RDJ plz

  49. Kashif_ Raps

    Kashif_ Raps

    15 napja

    Who was that thick security guard that hit loki??!!!

  50. I乄M๛DEVIL [YT]

    I乄M๛DEVIL [YT]

    15 napja

    I think you start showing Thor love and thunder 😉

  51. John Alter

    John Alter

    15 napja

    Cool! It's being released on my birthday.

  52. Yan Blanke

    Yan Blanke

    15 napja

    I think he went to the desert to kill Tony right after he falls with his first suit.

    • Yan Blanke

      Yan Blanke

      15 napja

      Nah, thats just dumb. This stone cant time travel.

  53. The Ample Bird

    The Ample Bird

    15 napja

    LOki- you thought you could EsCapE? The TiMe LiNe? What a weird edit.

  54. 5073 Koushik Arjunan

    5073 Koushik Arjunan

    15 napja

    Plot twist: Mobius is Scorpion. GET OVER HERE!

  55. cool


    16 napja

    How did she hurt Loki? He took hits from stronger beings, so there is no way she can hurt him except if the weapon she is holding is very powerful or she has super strength to something.

  56. manu juarez

    manu juarez

    16 napja

    0:26 is a reference to wandavision "chaos magic"?

  57. CHzone123


    16 napja

    My name is Chance so I love the title on this trailer 😅

  58. Alex Yearwood

    Alex Yearwood

    16 napja

    Marvel Jack Constantine

  59. Niroshan Jayasooriya

    Niroshan Jayasooriya

    16 napja

    That 222 Unlikes cant be human lol

  60. Hana Nekolová

    Hana Nekolová

    16 napja

    THIS MAN IS CHAOS ! well yes you shoud know it

  61. jayngo26


    16 napja

    Literally cannot wait for Kang. So happy Marvel is bringing him to the MCU.

  62. fattye extention

    fattye extention

    16 napja

    The fanatical toe intermittently admire because cross relatedly punch without a astonishing bracket. murky, roasted suede

  63. SmiffyLel


    16 napja

    I wonder how this’ll fit into the Multiverse of Madness and such

  64. srivayu


    16 napja


  65. Sedef H.

    Sedef H.

    16 napja

    I love Lokiii❤️❤️❤️

  66. John Hall

    John Hall

    16 napja

    The wicked wrecker theoretically obtain because walk anteriorly trip throughout a massive hemp. teeny-tiny, wary clef

  67. sandwich.


    16 napja

    For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3: 16 Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned. Mark 16: 16 “.....Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.” Matthew 3: 2

  68. Chris Watkins

    Chris Watkins

    16 napja

    One division and the other Marvel TV show Falcon and winner soldier don't seem to Be able to survive on prime time network TV but for some reason this show looks like it could be a normal show on a regular network for years

  69. Tinsel Nettie

    Tinsel Nettie

    16 napja

    Didn't know mCu was impressed with slow motion punches in southIndian films that they decided to use one in their series🤣 Just a joke

  70. Carbunkle Lambie

    Carbunkle Lambie

    16 napja

    0:38 did he just say 'MONkEY'

  71. jenmish edits

    jenmish edits

    16 napja


  72. Farah_Parel


    16 napja


  73. Captain SoMeister Assemble

    Captain SoMeister Assemble

    16 napja

    “I need to fix this”

  74. Shreyash Kadu

    Shreyash Kadu

    16 napja


  75. Emmanuel Graves

    Emmanuel Graves

    16 napja

    “Maybe we just need a little chaos on our side” Wanda: “hold my magic”

  76. Kassbeatz


    16 napja


  77. Pooja


    16 napja

    Super duper excited!!!!!

  78. gully legend s2

    gully legend s2

    16 napja

    Pls dub this in hindi

  79. RollerRed


    16 napja

    Mobius: LOKI Captions: SMOKEY

  80. Rajesh v

    Rajesh v

    16 napja

    Pleezzzzzzz Telugu dubbed please pleezzzzzzz

  81. Chadwick Davis

    Chadwick Davis

    16 napja

    So all this is going on because hulk didn’t want to take the stairs😂

  82. Marche


    16 napja

    "Absolutely not!" Oh I'm going to like that character already.

  83. Himanshu Verma

    Himanshu Verma

    16 napja

    Available in hindi ??

  84. ZSmarcos.pl4y .pl4y

    ZSmarcos.pl4y .pl4y

    16 napja

    Treiler bem da hora gostei hemm 👊🏽👊🏽

  85. Willson Marandi

    Willson Marandi

    16 napja

    This Wednesday? Are you serious? The day has finally come!!!

  86. Stan Lee

    Stan Lee

    16 napja

    I underestimated my creation....Loki is far better than I thought when I gave him life :)

    • Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      15 napja

      @DC / MARVEL FANDOM ha ha, it's me who personalized him. :) With Marvel touch.



      16 napja

      Stan lee didn’t create Loki he’s a Norse hod told about in the 9th century lmao

  87. 渡辺祐紀


    16 napja


  88. Rush bush.

    Rush bush.

    16 napja

    Yeah..... Keep posting trailers cause every minute of waiting is like ages😩.... I need them to distract me

  89. como me llamaba?

    como me llamaba?

    16 napja


  90. abhay dass

    abhay dass

    16 napja

    Loki: What could possibly go wrong? Mobius: there's like a million things

  91. Revi


    16 napja

    loki: i am villain accelerator : you are not

  92. Slash2324 EggFuJack

    Slash2324 EggFuJack

    16 napja

    It's on Wednesday my dudes! "Low Key" I'm excited for Loki

  93. Giantex Yagami

    Giantex Yagami

    16 napja


  94. Eren Yeager

    Eren Yeager

    16 napja


  95. PV AJITH


    16 napja

    Why you didn't release in South Indian languages

  96. the xxi

    the xxi

    16 napja

    why is Loki look so old in this thumbnail? :(

  97. Tejas Govind

    Tejas Govind

    16 napja

    Why they've written chance ??

  98. Serah Olivia

    Serah Olivia

    16 napja

    Ah so judging from the comments, Owen Wilson's character is Mobius. Got it. I'm still in deep and complete 😍😍😍😍😍 over Owen's hair cut and color and looks a-

  99. taverna o mpamphs

    taverna o mpamphs

    16 napja


  100. md3vmc


    16 napja

    So what started this series is that endgame scene? Where loki escapes?