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We interrupt this timeline for a glorious purpose ✨ Marvel Studios' arrives tomorrow with new episodes every Wednesday on Disney+.

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  1. Josh Loves Movies

    Josh Loves Movies

    7 napja

    I will definitely make time for Loki!

  2. Wes Johnson

    Wes Johnson

    8 napja

    Jesus loves you 🥺✨💖🏰😃🌷

  3. Gokul RK

    Gokul RK

    8 napja

    tamil dubbed

  4. rumesh renu

    rumesh renu

    9 napja

    We need Tamil dub

  5. The Holy Family

    The Holy Family

    9 napja

    When tamil dubbed version come?🙄



    10 napja

    💚💚💚💚my loved

  7. Jeremy Cruz

    Jeremy Cruz

    10 napja

    You guys should do a capt. America series to show what happened to capt. When he was returning the stones😆😁

  8. Lingesh ds7

    Lingesh ds7

    11 napja

    Tamil dubbing

  9. Suriya.j IX a2 【3321】

    Suriya.j IX a2 【3321】

    11 napja

    Please realise Loki in tamil 😭

  10. Bipin Shahi

    Bipin Shahi

    11 napja

    These are not my minds these are yours.

  11. Athi thyan

    Athi thyan

    11 napja

    Tamil dub please

  12. 4099 Vignesh

    4099 Vignesh

    11 napja

    Why not dub in Tamil

  13. Nero Esparda

    Nero Esparda

    11 napja

    "What could possibly go wrong" TVA:"Want to see the list?"

  14. Venkatesh Waran.k

    Venkatesh Waran.k

    11 napja


  15. Ayşegül Öksüz

    Ayşegül Öksüz

    12 napja

    I can’t look Disney + because my Mum 😡 I’m so angry to her

  16. Aji Ajith

    Aji Ajith

    12 napja

    We need tamildub loki

  17. NISHAL-10th 'A'

    NISHAL-10th 'A'

    12 napja

    Release in tamil too.....

  18. 渡辺祐紀


    12 napja


  19. سبنسر /Spencer

    سبنسر /Spencer

    12 napja

    عرب اكو؟

  20. Büşranur Demirkol

    Büşranur Demirkol

    12 napja

    long live loki haha😈

  21. Carbodude


    12 napja

    Loki learning that in a universe so big, nothing matters, everyone's gonna die. Come watch TV?

  22. legendary blader

    legendary blader

    12 napja

    Pls release this series in Tamil dubbed quickly

  23. Delli Ganesh

    Delli Ganesh

    12 napja

    Dub all movies and series in tamil plz

  24. darkD3MON_YT


    12 napja

    the thing about loki is that even though he's a gos he is the closest thing to a human

  25. Daniel Sariegø

    Daniel Sariegø

    12 napja

    More like, “let’s get help.”

  26. Solomon Raja

    Solomon Raja

    12 napja

    We tamil people need this series in tamil.please

  27. John Ponce

    John Ponce

    12 napja

    Loki is lowkey the best marvel series so far

  28. Perumal Kumar

    Perumal Kumar

    12 napja

    We all went tamil dubbed loki episode

  29. FlyN Saucer

    FlyN Saucer

    13 napja

    Unbelievable pile of trash! Destroying an IP overnight, why?

  30. Ranjith M

    Ranjith M

    13 napja

    Loki's firest episode is awesome and I am waiting for next episodes

  31. Ranjith M

    Ranjith M

    13 napja

    Pls release loki in tamil



    13 napja

    Hey, im a frog

  33. Roberto Sin Más

    Roberto Sin Más

    13 napja


  34. Mohamad Murad

    Mohamad Murad

    13 napja

    i think it was a big mistake to release a last part from Avengers

  35. Viktor Andy

    Viktor Andy

    13 napja

    Just finished watching the first episode. 40+ minutes went by absurdly fast. I had coffee ready and i totally forgot about it until the credits started rolling. Hyped for the next episode!!!!!

  36. Ira Ford

    Ira Ford

    13 napja


  37. Familydude2000


    13 napja

    if Loki ends up apprehended by the TVA and cant return to his PAST where he belongs and Mobius(hope i got his name correctly) asks him to help him chase down another LOKI who is been killing Members of the TVA, why do i get a feeling that in the end they capture the Loki Mobius was after and OUR Loki gets rewarded to stay in that timeline, or just acts like the god of misschief and just vanishes into that timeline! If i´m right about that i hope Kevin Feige contacts me and hires me xD xD Best show EVER!

  38. sakhile


    13 napja

    If this is the true Loki then some trick is being played. TVA or no TVA this guy is the god of mischief

  39. Könül Aslan

    Könül Aslan

    13 napja

    Glorious purpose 😂😂😂 09.06.2021

  40. YASSIZ 4

    YASSIZ 4

    13 napja

    Hey is that Howard stark anyone reply

  41. Daisy Silva

    Daisy Silva

    13 napja

    I don't have Disney pluse😭😭😭

  42. Karthik the king

    Karthik the king

    13 napja

    We need Loki series in Tamil

  43. Prabu Gautam

    Prabu Gautam

    13 napja

    Please give us Tamil ddudi dubbing please

  44. Jeeva R

    Jeeva R

    13 napja

    I want tamil dubbing

  45. Gokul Raj

    Gokul Raj

    13 napja

    Hi marvel😍, plz Tamil dub this series, bcoz I only have hotstar VIP

  46. CallmeDaddy


    13 napja

    Ep was already sad

  47. Maleesha Williams

    Maleesha Williams

    13 napja

    You are amazing



    13 napja

    Tamil dubbed panuga

  49. Sam Cm

    Sam Cm

    13 napja


  50. Rafael Daniel Manullang

    Rafael Daniel Manullang

    13 napja

    Canadian Lad: today i watch Loki episode 1 in 0.25x and i just found bunch few details

  51. Antony Dass

    Antony Dass

    13 napja

    Tamil dubbed please

  52. sangeetha vediyappan

    sangeetha vediyappan

    13 napja

    Please put Tamil dubbed

  53. zarander


    13 napja

    They just gave a spoiler -- they're going to use him to catch time criminals.

  54. Logeshkumar


    13 napja

    We want in tamil

  55. Rupan Raj

    Rupan Raj

    13 napja

    I’m waiting for Tamil Loki

  56. Mani Maran

    Mani Maran

    13 napja

    Please upload Tamil version Loki series

  57. Jobin George

    Jobin George

    13 napja

    How much time did the thanos used the space stone ? ... Breaking reality ? No issues for TVA

  58. Ramesh Babu

    Ramesh Babu

    13 napja

    Please 🥺 release in tamil dubbing also



    13 napja

    Where is tamil dubbed???



      13 napja

      @J O S E P H 😢okk bro

    • J O S E P H

      J O S E P H

      13 napja

      Dubbing makes it bad bro Try to watch with subtitles or something

  60. Catherine Ann Tuazon

    Catherine Ann Tuazon

    13 napja

    Can't wait for episode 2

  61. rohhubo riqipra

    rohhubo riqipra

    13 napja

    The open examination experimentally warn because dinghy molecularly snore abaft a classy mailman. adaptable, slim force

  62. Dime Mainit!

    Dime Mainit!

    13 napja

    Me without Disney+: 😐

  63. Ashok Kumar

    Ashok Kumar

    13 napja

    Tamil fans wants Loki series Tamil dubbed and all marvel creation in Tamil

    • Archit Gupta

      Archit Gupta

      7 napja

      @kate flynn Actually, this person keeps commenting this on every trailer video and spams this, I did not mean to be rude.

    • kate flynn

      kate flynn

      13 napja

      @Archit Gupta wtf. As someone who has English as my first language anyone should be able to enjoy Marvel content without having to learn a language. I’m sure if Marvel came out with something like this in another language you would want it dubbed.

    • 151Bryce


      13 napja

      @Archit Gupta their english was pretty good

    • Archit Gupta

      Archit Gupta

      13 napja

      Please stop, learn English!

  64. Lokesh Raam

    Lokesh Raam

    13 napja

    Please reply

  65. Lokesh Raam

    Lokesh Raam

    13 napja

    Marvel when it will be released in tami

  66. Sanjay Yuvi

    Sanjay Yuvi

    13 napja

    We Want Tamil & Telugu Dubbed Version

  67. Sanjay Saran

    Sanjay Saran

    13 napja

    Tamil dubbing

  68. Siddharth G Reddy

    Siddharth G Reddy

    13 napja

    Telugulo release cheyy guru mundu nuvvu

  69. YuVi YuVraj

    YuVi YuVraj

    13 napja


  70. R.Sridhar Rajendran

    R.Sridhar Rajendran

    13 napja

    Please dubbed in # tamil #

  71. deva devan

    deva devan

    13 napja

    Marvel# We need Loki TV series in Tamil Dubbed

  72. the upside down brick

    the upside down brick

    13 napja

    first episode already was incredible

  73. Cyber Tech Tamil

    Cyber Tech Tamil

    13 napja

    Dear marvel team,I am from India.. we need loki series in tamil languages..pls help

  74. Rachel Sanders

    Rachel Sanders

    13 napja

    The royal goat quantitatively itch because cafe chemically blind beside a fanatical cannon. shrill, scrawny white

  75. Vijay Prasath

    Vijay Prasath

    13 napja

    We want tamil dubbing

  76. Suresh Home

    Suresh Home

    13 napja


  77. Emma Wiley

    Emma Wiley

    13 napja

    Marvel: we are marvel and we are *still* releasing Loki trailers

  78. Campbell


    13 napja

    They need to make Loki do “get help” in this show at least once or ill be mad

  79. Nabin Sharma

    Nabin Sharma

    13 napja

    Kab aega loki

  80. Kushal hari

    Kushal hari

    13 napja

    Pls release in tamil

  81. Abhay Singh

    Abhay Singh

    13 napja

    Realese time??

  82. Kayla Parsons

    Kayla Parsons

    13 napja

    I AM SO EXCITED😃😃😃! I know what I'm watching tonight!!!💗💗

  83. Nia Ts.

    Nia Ts.

    13 napja

    Mobious is the biggest Loki fangirl out of all of us!

  84. Jeyakumar Jeyakumar

    Jeyakumar Jeyakumar

    13 napja

    Marvel loki serias tamil dubbing want please 😭tamil fan's waiting

  85. Jeyakumar Jeyakumar

    Jeyakumar Jeyakumar

    13 napja

    Loki tamil dubbing Want pls

  86. Pearl Jhonathan

    Pearl Jhonathan

    13 napja

    We wanna in Tamil Loki series



    13 napja




    13 napja

    Please release Tamil dubbed loki series , in Tamilnadu so many peoples waiting for that , I have to say that Tamil dubbed loki voice is incredible . We have approximately 4 hours, release Loki series in tamil dubbed 🙏🙏

  89. NicOlimar


    13 napja

    Did he cause Heimdall to stay alive? Is that who took him with the bifrost?!

    • NicOlimar


      12 napja

      @151Bryce i was hoping that he broke the timeline enough to bring him back, it was funny though!

    • 151Bryce


      13 napja

      the d.b. cooper part of the episode was in 1971 heimdall died in 2018

  90. lrvdo


    13 napja

    0:05 Can you imagine smacking an actual god like that.. Also can you imagine he was the 'villain' of the entire Avenger movie

  91. Dylan Connors

    Dylan Connors

    13 napja

    We’re in the endgame now.😂👌



    13 napja

    We need in tamil 😭😭😭😭😭

  93. Khadijah Omar

    Khadijah Omar

    13 napja


  94. ayaan gamer

    ayaan gamer

    13 napja

    Time Criminals why TVA didn't arrest Avengers for doing time heist😠😠😡🤬

    • Princeton Chia

      Princeton Chia

      13 napja

      You'll find out why in the first episode 😉

  95. Vager


    13 napja

    Come on today is Wednesday why Loki series is not available on Disney 😭😭

    • Juan Arceo

      Juan Arceo

      13 napja

      It will in a couple of hours

  96. Critter Whisperer

    Critter Whisperer

    13 napja

    Loki: “Bye” Me: “Hello!”

  97. Kaustav Saha

    Kaustav Saha

    13 napja

    We thank marvel for showering relief and keep on entertaining us with their hard work during this difficult time. WE THANK YOU MARVEL.

  98. Devyn Phillips

    Devyn Phillips

    13 napja

    FINISH IT FOR ME *Steve* : Always a way know you may not me a threat but you better stop pretending to be a hero.

  99. MishraIsLive


    13 napja

    I have Disney+ hotstar V.I.P😭😭😭 This show is available premium subscription How to watch😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  100. loki and exo era

    loki and exo era

    13 napja

    not me walking around my house pretending to be one of the cast members and playing this clip and acting along lmao