"You Got A Plan?" Clip | Marvel Studios' Black Widow

Just two sisters bonding during a high-speed chase.

Check out this brand new clip from Marvel Studios’ “Black Widow,” and experience it in theaters or on Disney+ with Premier Access on July 9. Additional fee required.

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  1. Putri A.

    Putri A.

    3 napja


  2. Mika Mehta

    Mika Mehta

    7 napja

    Is Nat the older sister or younger?

    • Mika Mehta

      Mika Mehta

      3 napja

      @Chuck Scott ok thnx

    • Chuck Scott

      Chuck Scott

      3 napja


  3. Rokkala Indira

    Rokkala Indira

    8 napja

    U r the best

  4. Commander Captain

    Commander Captain

    8 napja

    Starlord: I like your plan, except that it sucks, so let me do the plan, and that way it might be really good.

  5. Big Fat Draw

    Big Fat Draw

    10 napja

    the fact that bw switched to reverse that fast

  6. Sessão Cinema

    Sessão Cinema

    12 napja

    0:57 what a theme!

  7. Caio


    13 napja

    The May Queen is here goddamn

  8. セバ


    15 napja


  9. Lmwpitt


    17 napja

    This just looks cheap and lazy compared to other Marvel movies. If Marvel don't care enough to back the movie properly, why should I watch it.

  10. strangerdale


    17 napja

    I'm very proud and happy cause this scene is in Hungary

  11. Luz Cordoba

    Luz Cordoba

    18 napja

    This is how it's done!

  12. Oliver Davila

    Oliver Davila

    18 napja

    Yes please, release this movie!

    • Nicole Lawless

      Nicole Lawless

      6 napja

      Not long now

  13. Poppy George

    Poppy George

    18 napja

    Well your plan sucks

  14. Green Arrow

    Green Arrow

    19 napja

    0:03 as a big brother I can relate

  15. Asvin P

    Asvin P

    20 napja

    Ohh marvel plzzzzz give us a teaser for nwh

  16. Hy4er


    21 napja

    I know who actually has a plan

  17. Books are My only friends

    Books are My only friends

    23 napja

    Guys Natasha might return to the MCU because of the multi verse, and Captain America 4 whenever it comes out, and we know from the comics people from other versions of earth can go into others and we know that if a past version of yourself gets brought to the present it doesn't affect the timeline, like what we see happen to gamora in endgame. So she could return to the present timeline if Marvel and Scarlett Johansson want her to, or she could just appear in multi verse or time travel content

  18. Ezzly


    24 napja

    YELENA is more badass. I wonder where is her. Died?

  19. Fernando Pieters

    Fernando Pieters

    24 napja

    I hope it's only the trailer. But How can the car windows be repaired in 1 cene ? 🙊

  20. Preeti Saket

    Preeti Saket

    25 napja

    Scarlett Johansson is so beautiful ❤️

  21. Wolfe456 alt

    Wolfe456 alt

    26 napja

    Captain America winter soldier vibes

  22. Sanskar Balpande

    Sanskar Balpande

    26 napja

    OMFG that was so unexpected

  23. Rohith L N

    Rohith L N

    26 napja

    Oh this movie is still yet to get released?

    • Nicole Lawless

      Nicole Lawless

      11 napja

      Only 4 weeks waiting

  24. Hossein Kavand

    Hossein Kavand

    26 napja

    well THAT ... was a plan

  25. J J

    J J

    27 napja

    The car is fixed every other scene 👁️👁️

  26. STARK


    27 napja

    Yelena : you should watch movies like John wick in your free time sister .. 😈

  27. De'Arrius Andrews

    De'Arrius Andrews

    27 napja

    This movie will top CA-The Winter Soldier mark my words!!!!!

  28. Prakash Mondal

    Prakash Mondal

    27 napja

    I have been waiting for black widow since Feb 2020. Are we ever going to watch it or not?? Just release the movie online. Uploading a video is not rocket science.

  29. McMahes


    28 napja

    I saw this on TikTok a Year ago or so

  30. cheng kuok Lee

    cheng kuok Lee

    28 napja

    "Your plan sucks" I sense Star Lord & Ironman....

  31. Noble Aiiro

    Noble Aiiro

    28 napja

    “Ironically, when Disney fired Gina for her opinions it inadvertently proved her point.” - Forbes

  32. Noble Aiiro

    Noble Aiiro

    28 napja

    “Disney’s firing of Gina Carano is confusing and hypocritical, lacking sound management.” - Forbes

  33. Noble Aiiro

    Noble Aiiro

    28 napja

    “I’m Not The Only One That’s Ever Been Bullied By This Company”- Gina Carano

  34. Noble Aiiro

    Noble Aiiro

    28 napja

    “Don’t try to ruin my life with lies, when yours can be ruined with the truth”- Gina Carano

  35. FlyN Saucer

    FlyN Saucer

    28 napja

    The "plan" is to release a Blackwidow movie years after the death of the character! This standalone movie should have been done shortly after introducing her.

  36. Kpop Music Lover

    Kpop Music Lover

    29 napja

    Shut up ~ Natasha romanoff AKA Scarlett Johansson❤️💜

  37. Alphara HAROLD :}

    Alphara HAROLD :}

    29 napja

    0:47 , Well ... I thought she'll hit that girl with the car 😂

  38. Mariam El-Dhalemi

    Mariam El-Dhalemi

    29 napja

    They filmed it in Italy.

  39. Phillip Young

    Phillip Young

    29 napja

    And its on Disney + 😁😁😁!!!

  40. Nanda Kishore

    Nanda Kishore

    29 napja

    Release the movie on HUbuild then.......

  41. Gurukarthi KC

    Gurukarthi KC

    29 napja

    It was an all woman chase you all

  42. Ray Ray

    Ray Ray

    29 napja

    I love the sister energy!!!

  43. Mousa Alshireef

    Mousa Alshireef


    There are 2 things that I can't stop seeing in all black widow trailers 1. The red sign in the logo is like ben 10 omnitrex 2. The font used to write July 9 is the same font used in spiderman old films

  44. Clipnet Explain

    Clipnet Explain


    Wow this gonna be a blockbuster Hit👍👍👍

  45. Matthew Kohl

    Matthew Kohl


    Yeah! 😎

  46. Brooksy




  47. Mehmet Ali Urfalıoğlu

    Mehmet Ali Urfalıoğlu


    is like a 0007 bond movie ?

  48. Fight Clips

    Fight Clips


    Black widow fans LIKE Here👉👉

  49. McAnna Matthew

    McAnna Matthew


    Sack the key grip, big obvious retake shown in the first 25 seconds of trailer ... BMW with big marks down left (0.08) ... (0.25) no big marks!

  50. Ernest Paul

    Ernest Paul


    Black Widow is now officially the movie with the most release date

  51. Jesse Mick

    Jesse Mick


    I have a feeling we’re gunna see Yelena again as our new Black Widow in upcoming MCU titles. I would honestly not mind.

    • Sahasra Reddy Lokasani

      Sahasra Reddy Lokasani

      3 napja

      @Shira Hatuka i really hope so lol

    • Shira Hatuka

      Shira Hatuka

      20 napja

      @Angel Urista She is. It was confirmed

    • Angel Urista

      Angel Urista

      27 napja

      I think she’s going to be in the Hawkeye series

    • Shira Hatuka

      Shira Hatuka

      29 napja

      I was thinking about it. Maybe Bucky will finally get his BW romance

  52. taylor




  53. John Allan

    John Allan


    Side of the car is wrecked at 0:08 but then is fine again from 0:25 onwards :S Bad editing

  54. Thor's Twisted Beard

    Thor's Twisted Beard


    Hmm. That music was weak. Who's doing this one?

  55. Rizky Arifin

    Rizky Arifin


    You Got Plan? Celebrate The victory from COVID 19? Yes.

    • Nicole Lawless

      Nicole Lawless


      Now I feel I celebrated with knowing we might have another one

    • Nicole Lawless

      Nicole Lawless


      I celebrated the lockdown victory on Friday

  56. Mateus Henrique

    Mateus Henrique


    ela disse PLANO ??????????

  57. Yankeeunit91



    From Iron Man to this...

  58. muzafar ali

    muzafar ali



  59. Mulyani Mulyani

    Mulyani Mulyani


    Scarlett Johansson SO HOT

  60. Ashum Yasir

    Ashum Yasir


    am I the only one to notice that the person following their car has broken the front wind shield of the car like 3 times and every time it ends up not being broken?

  61. Sivaramakrishnan Mohan

    Sivaramakrishnan Mohan


    Front mirror 🤨

  62. Chris Hu

    Chris Hu


    Ruroc Helmet....... ughhhhhhh

  63. Layal Al-kadri

    Layal Al-kadri


    I love Yelena

  64. Hussien Alsafi

    Hussien Alsafi



  65. Pamela Mariela

    Pamela Mariela


    The tenuous lunge interestedly manage because golf kinetically yawn after a cold airmail. apathetic, alcoholic parcel

  66. Mikey Guanipa

    Mikey Guanipa


    July 9th.... Of 2023

    • Nicole Lawless

      Nicole Lawless


      2021 actually

  67. Shift4g



    How many times did those side windows break?

  68. Medhy's The G

    Medhy's The G


    For a moment i thought they were gonna put the whole movie there😂😂

  69. Bram Zwaan

    Bram Zwaan


    0:25 totally not an advertisement! What are you talking about?!

  70. Javier Valverde

    Javier Valverde


    I'm no filmmaker, but this was kind of boring, no?

  71. dear bakr

    dear bakr


    Can’t wait🥲

  72. marvelous Mae

    marvelous Mae



  73. NiNjuTSU



    Man why marvel overuses CGI so much can't even show actors sitting on the car without greenscreen for a second lol Same happened in far from home Thaf whole bus scene was CGIed even they weren't able to afford a fkin bus but are able to build costly cgi sh**s That nick fury meeting witv peter was also shot behind greenscreen instead of a real location Martin was right MARVEL movies aren't cinema , the 1st ironman movie was so good , even the costume was all made entirely and looked more real than that crap IW suit

  74. JrP



    Marvel really knows how to Choose an Actor/Actress. They’re both suit the character

    • Julia J

      Julia J

      22 napja

      @Marvel Studios I think Scarlett has some Slavic ancestry from Poland and Russia but yeah an actual full Russian actress should have played the character of Natasha Romanoff for the MCU.

    • Marvel Studios

      Marvel Studios

      28 napja

      They both have made their characters iconic however they technically should have hired an actual Russian actresses.

  75. NPA1001



    Florence Pugh 😍😍

  76. Travis Brown

    Travis Brown


    Does the audio sound weird

  77. Gani 7262 Kajal Fan Ikkada

    Gani 7262 Kajal Fan Ikkada


    I'm Waiting⏳ 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  78. I'm from Mars

    I'm from Mars


    This scene would’ve taken a whole episode if it was an Indian tv series.

  79. Thomas Chichester

    Thomas Chichester


    As a motorcyclist of 40+ years, I can tell you her plan was way too complicated. Easier plan is to box the bike in behind you and hit the brakes. Why does Hollywood insist that a driver in a 2 ton (plus) functionally armored vehicle needs to run away from someone on a 300-600 lb, completely exposed motorcycle. Dumb

  80. Ancient



    At first glance I thought that was Emma Stone in the passenger seat 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣

  81. Your bro Ty Criscuola

    Your bro Ty Criscuola


    Omg I can not wait for black widow to come out

  82. Ou Olson

    Ou Olson


    Does anybody notice the car fixed after a scratch a moment before

    • BetaDextros



      Yep,they missed that scratch at the middle part,but the scratch was visible at the end like it was supposed to be

  83. Officer John

    Officer John


    This clip shows how good the movie will be i cant wait till it comes out

  84. rasis gblk

    rasis gblk


    0:08 Banged up car 0:09 - 0:24 Quick trip to mechanic 0:25 - Good as new

    • Bendy


      3 órája

      Thank God I’m not the only one who noticed that

  85. Ameet Joshi

    Ameet Joshi


    Before the movie releases, I feel Marvel will release the whole movie's bits and pieces like this until we collect them all and watch it ourselves!

    • Bendy


      3 órája

      They can upload as much footage as they want, in all honesty

  86. Red Hunter Is Live

    Red Hunter Is Live


    DC is Better

  87. Ibrahim_playz



    “You got a plan” Dutch: yes, I have a plan!

  88. themastr el matador del mar

    themastr el matador del mar


    ah yes the movie where the main character is already dead

  89. Anushka 9th B

    Anushka 9th B


    This shows how amazing black widow's gonna be.....

  90. Jon Edison Bermas

    Jon Edison Bermas


    this movie is long overdue,i need it now

    • Nicole Lawless

      Nicole Lawless


      Blame corona

  91. jeeshan khan

    jeeshan khan


    Black widow died in EndGame, is this the story before endgame era?

    • Alberto Rojas

      Alberto Rojas


      Indeed, Black Widow died in MARVEL Studios' Avengers: Endgame. That said, MS' Black Widow is set between the events of MS' Captain America: Civil War & MS' Avengers: Infinity War.

  92. Commenthor😉



    Now it is getting booooring to wait for the movie !!

  93. Tabashir Chowdhury

    Tabashir Chowdhury


    Such garbage “action”

  94. Abdul Rahman Sowrov

    Abdul Rahman Sowrov


    Don’t release any clip of BW on YT.

    • Alberto Rojas

      Alberto Rojas


      You know you have the option to not watch the video.

  95. Ornas Raditya

    Ornas Raditya


    I'm beginning to question the time setting of this movie

    • Alberto Rojas

      Alberto Rojas


      MARVEL Studios' Black Widow is set between the events of MS' Captain America: Civil War & MS' Avengers: Infinity War.

  96. JeanieBeanie



    That door move looked like something straight out of a Mission Impossible movie. So sick!

  97. luke ketchum

    luke ketchum


    Ok great! But now I really wanna see a sneak peek of their first fight together.

  98. Rahul Thakur

    Rahul Thakur



  99. Panda



    Bucky: So no plan Yelena: Well your plan sucks !

  100. sarkazm69



    Black Widow ran from another seemingly human woman? 🤔 i need this movie ASAP